Hi, I’m Rachael

I am the owner and maker behind Stitch the Joy. I hand embroider your products out of my home in Chattanooga, Tennessee where I live with my husband, Ethan. I taught myself to embroider in 2019 after “inheriting” supplies from my grandmother, who was a lifelong cross-stitcher. Embroidery immediately drew me in; I loved the ability to be detailed, experiment with stitches and colors, and create items to be cherished for family, friends, and strangers. 

I am a lifelong crafter and have always loved attending craft fairs and supporting local artists. Being able to be a part of a craft community- online and in Chattanooga- is a true dream of mine. I am inspired by nature, landscapes, color, and current events. Beyond Stitch the Joy, I work as a community planner and have education and experience in environmental science and conservation. I am an avid lover of hobbies and enjoy gardening, biking, hiking, reading, porch sitting, and traveling.  

Why Stitch the Joy?

My shop name comes from one of my favorite sayings– seek the joy. Seek the joy is a saying from my camp, urging you to fully live each day and love unconditionally. Beyond bringing me some of my lifelong friends, camp taught me to appreciate nature, cherish memories, and always be myself. I strive to bring these values into Stitch the Joy.

My camp is guided by 4 principles called the Woodcraft Laws: Truth, Love, Beauty, Fortitude. Below, I have shared my favorite, “Love” where you find the phrase seek the joy. 

Be kind. Do at least one act of unbargaining service each day. Be helpful. Do your share of the work. Be joyful. Seek the joy of being alive. 


Stitch the Joy is committed to donating 10% of proceeds each month to organizations that support women, equity, and environmental issues. These organizations alter between local and national groups, with past donations including: The Loveland Foundation, ACLU, United Way of Chattanooga, and the Imagination Library. 

Media Mentions

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